graf Mycielskiego
2nd Polish Combinatorial Conference
October 17-23, 2008
  • Artur Czumaj, Testing expansion in bounded degree graphs really fast [pdf]
  • Stefan Felsner, Orientations of planar graphs [pdf]
  • Tomasz Łuczak, Cycles in claw-free graphs [pdf]
  • Marek Karpinski, Sampling in large matrices and approximation of Max-CSP [pdf]
  • Gyula O.H. Katona, Bounds on the largest families of subsets with forbidden subposets [pdf]
  • Hal Kierstead, Efficient packing via game coloring, based on the paper of Kierstead and Kostochka: [pdf]
  • Michał Morayne, Combinatorics of optimal stopping on partial orders and graphs [pdf]
  • Shariar Shariari, Normalized matching posets and chain partitions [pdf]
  • Mariusz Woźniak, Arbitrarily vertex decomposable graphs [pdf]
  • Artur Czumaj, Combinatorial and probabilistic techniques in property testing, [pdf]
  • Piotr Sankowski, Algebraic graph algorithms, part 1:[pdf], part 2:[pdf]
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